Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation! Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation! Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation! Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation! Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation! Fresh into the summer. Let us advise you on skin rejuvenation!
Springtime is laser time - declare warts, scars, veins and annoying pigment spots a thing of the past. Find out more & book an appointment.

Private dermatology practice at Schweizer Platz

We look forward to welcoming you to our private practice for dermatology, laser and aesthetic medicine at Schweizer Platz in Frankfurt am Main.

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Dear patients,
We would like to welcome you to our website.

At our dermatology practice in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, we cover the entire spectrum of dermatology, laser medicine, aesthetic medicine and allergology .

Our other services include :

  • Hair and nail consultation
  • Pediatric dermatology
  • Outpatient operations on skin and subcutaneous tissue incl. Skin grafts
  • Medical and cosmetic treatments, such as hydrafacial and vampire lifting
  • PRP for hair loss
  • Foot and nail care
  • and much more…

We carry out treatments according to the latest therapy standards and the currently valid guidelines for dermatology.

With us you get university medicine in the outpatient sector!

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What our patients say about us

My wife and I can only recommend Dr. A. Markovic, he has been treating my wife’s hip wound for months with great success, I am also being treated by him with great success, he is always punctual at home visits, a doctor as one would wish.
Petra Tormann
Very satisfied. Several doctors were unable to help me. Here I was helped directly with the right medication. Very fast and uncomplicated. Appointment on the same day as the first contact.
Dennis Sandner
Very good doctor he is very humane has looked at my two children today and is very helpful explained everything well were in very good hands in any case we need such good doctors and the prices are fair it is a private practice but very fair .i thank him for his humanity advice and the time he has taken.
Sera Ürneslioglu
Mr. Dr. Marcovici. He is a very nice young doctor who makes house calls as a dermatologist in his emergency services, but he is always ready to help people, no matter what day Sunday or holidays he comes immediately. I would just like to recommend with certainty he does very good treatment. Lg O.Päsel
Floarea Lucretia Maricut
Top! Best doctor I have been to so far. Patients are dealt with and competent solutions are found quickly. Afterwards, the patient is asked whether the therapy has worked and whether there has been any improvement. I can only advise anyone who cares about their health to go there!
Willi Kübler
I came to Dr. Markovic through a friend. And just wanted to look a little fresher and more natural. He did a very good job and I am very satisfied! Dr. Markovic is very competent, and he does a very good job. Keep up the good work!
Tuelin Karadag
I came across Dr. Markovic by chance and rather fortunately in the course of my search for a good dermatologist. I can recommend Mr. Markovic with complete conviction to anyone who is looking for a really good dermatologist. In my opinion, Mr. Markovic is an absolutely sincere, competent, reliable and nice doctor who really cares about his patients. One of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. With great praise and many thanks again for everything, dear Mr. Markovic!
I recently had a thread lift on my face. I was nervous, but Dr. Markovic’s professionalism and manner put me completely at ease. I am extremely satisfied with the results. I will not let anyone work on my face. I can only recommend his services The treatment was pleasant and gave excellent results. Thank you very much.
Lilli Bernhardt
I had autologous blood therapy with PRP and PRF for a facial treatment at this clinic and I am extremely happy. Dr. Markovic was professional, helpful and friendly. I can hardly wait to see how my skin becomes younger and fresher over the next few weeks. I will definitely come back and recommend this practice to everyone. The results are amazing!
Hilda Probst
I have been to Dr. Markovic with my partner for various treatments. We are both very enthusiastic. The treatments were carried out very carefully and sensitively by Dr. Markovic and we are both very satisfied with the results. We have more appointments with Dr. Markovic and look forward to them. We can recommend Dr. Markovic with a clear conscience.
Sushi La
I already knew Dr. Markovic from the skin center and have now been to him with a friend for aesthetic treatments. We both wanted to look fresh and as wrinkle-free as possible without looking unnatural. My lips also look more voluminous, but they don’t look plumped up! A really competent and friendly doctor who I can recommend with a clear conscience.
Kristina T
Mr. Markovic was very competent and was the only one of 3 doctors who could explain to me exactly where my complaints came from and how they could be treated. I felt that I was in good hands. I was also able to ask Mr. Markovic questions throughout the course of the therapy, which were always answered quickly. An absolute recommendation!
Isabell M.P.
Mr. Markovic is the person I trust when it comes to aesthetic treatments. During the individual consultations on the procedures, he specifically addresses my wishes and gives a straightforward opinion. He gives his patients an optimistic feeling and carries out his work conscientiously.
Efthimia Selpessis



Advice on all aspects of allergies, allergy tests and desensitization.

Fruit acid peeling

Medical peeling removes dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin.

Occupational dermatology

The field of occupational dermatology deals with skin diseases associated with occupational activities.

Nail fungus

Nail fungal infections are caused by fungi (so-called dermatophytes) that only affect the skin, hair and nails of humans.

PRP Vampire Lifting

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment/vampire lifting and options for autologous blood therapy.

Hair loss

Hair loss can have various causes. The most common causes can be summarized as follows:

Wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxant

Wrinkle treatments with muscle relaxants for a youthful and fresh appearance.

Laser medicine

Laser beams are bundled and high-energy light beams that are directed specifically to one area of the body during laser treatment and take effect there.

Digital skin cancer screening

The early detection of skin cancer is one of our main focuses. Find out more about digital skin cancer screening here.

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