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What is acne vulgaris?

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases among young people. It is characterized by papules, pustules, blackheads, and purulent nodules. The face and upper body – especially the back- are most commonly affected. Earls treatment is very important in order to prevent severe acne progession in a timely manner and to avoid acne scars.

What is adult onset acne?


Late onset acne , or acne tarda usually occurs in women after the age of 25. It manifests with impure skin, lumos and cysts, altered pigment formation and acne scars.

We are happy to support you with our individual acne management consisting of medical and cosmetic acne treatment.

How does acne develop?


Causes for development of acne are increased activity of the sebaceous glands, blockage of the tallow ducts by skin cells (cornification) and bacterial overgrowth with the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes.

The above mentioned factors lead to a complex inflammatory reaction in which papules, pustules and comedones develop.

Most commonly affected areas are the face, back and upper half of the body. Acne in children and adolescents is often self-limited, but should be treated on time to prevent acne scaring.

What are the causes of acne?

  • too greasy or too oily day care products and sun creams
  • an irregular menstrual cycle, sudden stop of intake of birth control pills, pregnancy and PCO syndrome
  • nicotine, alcohol and some medications
  • high humidity and dirt particles

In some patients, dietary factors such as sugar, dairy products, and oily foods may play a role. The influence of psychological factors such as stress has not yet been proven.

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How is acne treated?

Acne can often be controlled with the right care. The use of prescription ointments/creams or gels may also be necessary to eliminate skin impurities faster and more effectively.

What to do with large or coarse pores and acne scars?

If the skin has large pores or if acne scars have already formed, a laser treatment, a fruit acid peeling or a treatment with PRP in combination with microneedling can be performed.

Which treatment is suitable for you depends on the affected area, the depth and size of the pores or scars and the extent of the inflammation. 

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  • We offer acne therapy wit our medical beautician. She carries out cleansing, fruit acid peelings or Hydrafacial treatment to stabilize the skin condition.

We are happy to give you individual advice on you skin problems.

What can I do myself for better skin with acne?


There are some things that can already be done by yourself and independently for the improvement of acne:

    ° 2x daily cleaning and care of the skin
    ° Use of fresh towels every time you wash your face
    ° Attention to hand hygiene
    ° Avoiding scratching, squeezing and irritation of acne lesions and pimples
    ° Stress control and a balanced diet help

What to do with severe acne?

Severe acne can be treated with a prescription drug, e.g. Aknenormin ®. Additional treatments in combination with PRP and microneedling can accelerate the healing of acne.

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