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Nail fungus treatment

How does nail fungus develop?

Nail fungal infections are caused by fungi (so-called dermatophytes) that only affect the skin, hair and nails of humans.

Nail fungus is transmitted, for example, in swimming pools, via floor mats in the bathroom, damp surfaces and tight shoes (heat build-up). In the course of the disease, the nail plate thickens. The nail is affected horizontally and vertically.

What are the symptoms of nail fungus?

  • Thickening and discoloration of the nails (yellowish, greenish or brownish)
  • Brittle or splintering nails
  • Deformation of the nail shape
  • Detachment of the nail from the nail bed
  • Itching or pain around the nail area
  • Spread to other nails or surrounding skin

How is nail fungus treated?

The nail fungus treatment is difficult. Topical therapies such as nail solutions or special nail polish are often used in vain to treat nail fungus.

However, as these topicals can only penetrate the nail to a very limited extent and therefore do not reach the nail matrix (nail root), the use of nail solutions only for superficial fungal infections of the nail organ.

The best therapy is simultaneous therapy with laser and nail solutions or systhemotherapeutics. A combination therapy with the Erbium:YAG laser.

The Erbium:YAG laser with 2,940 nm is a flash lamp solid-state laser that is particularly suitable for the treatment of nail fungal infections. Due to its properties, the laser achieves a targeted effect on the nail organ.

This achieves a heat of up to 300 °C and the nail is strongly heated in several cycles during a treatment. The heat kills the hyphae and spores of the fungus. At the same time, pores are created in the nail organ, allowing the antifungal nail solution to penetrate better through the nail pore.

Tablet therapy with antimycotics also protects the new nail organ from renewed fungal infestation.

We will discuss how your nails are treated in detail during our consultation.

The above procedure has been shown in numerous studies to be the most effective treatment for nail fungus.

The treatment is painless. As fungal nail infections often affect the entire nail plate and the entire thickness of the nail is affected, the nails to be treated should be professionally sanded down beforehand. Since the nail organ grows relatively slowly and thus provides an opportunity for the nail fungus to grow again in the moist, warm environment (e.g. in the shoes), 4-6 laser treatment cycles are recommended.

This is another reason why additional topical therapy is recommended. Laser treatment takes about 10 minutes per foot, is painless and has shown good efficacy in several clinical studies.

The medical pedicure and laser treatment of nail fungus are usually covered by private health insurance.

Successful prevention of nail fungus - The following should be taken into account:

  • Avoid damp environments and closed footwear
  • Dry feet carefully (especially between toes)
  • Do not walk barefoot, especially on carpets or in public bathing establishments
  • Disinfect shoes and socks
  • Wash the socks with a heavy-duty detergent at min. 60°C

Laser treatment for nail fungus

From 80€ per session


Erbium:YAG laser treatment


15-30 minutes


None. Cool pack after the treatment






4- 6 treatments at intervals of 6-8 weeks

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